A video I made on my macbook and I must confess, I hate making videos. It take so much of your precious time and uses so much space on your hard drive. I’d rather not do it at all. This is actually the first movie I made using iMovie, I’d tried working on windows video maker but it kept crashing so I had to completely jettison the 2 video projects I was working on at the time.

This video splices scenes from Fela’s live performances, interviews and much more. You can spot a young Femi Kuti playing the sax in one scene.

Here is the audio for good measure.


RiS feat Shikara- Bint Helwa

RiS, an Ottawa based Nigerian MC, recently dropped a mixtape called Vol 1: Road To Northbay and yours truly was part of the production team. RiS is a budding lyricist with a distinct flow.

The video we have here is for “Bint Helwa” and features a female emcee, Shikara on the second verse. The title of the song is arabic for “beautiful“, which you can clearly hear in the chorus.

The beat was one of the first few I made when I moved to Canada, shortly before I had a long conversation with Mister Rae about making an ep with only Asa samples and beautiful was one of the beats made for that purpose.

I had been making other beats for RiS and I felt this will fit the project he was working on so yeah, that’s how the story goes.

The video is pretty basic and features Shikara and other beautiful ladies. What can I say…beautiful. (pun intended). It was shot on location in Malaysia

Ris-Bint Helwa (ft. Shikara) from Sharina Shahrin on Vimeo.

Afro J.E.T.S Club Project Podcast

A.J.C.P is an audio quasi-documentary inspired by Africa’s rich musical and political history. Teck-Zilla goes the extra mile and digs deep into the sounds from 70s Africa.Splices them with rich commentary/sound bites from Africa’s great political & musical visionaries such as Nkrumah, Lumumba, Nnamdi Azikiwe,Sunny Ade,Fela Kuti etc. to create a fusion of raw edged boom-bap beats laced with African melodies and rhythm.

R-Cube,The Invisible Enigma And Venomous – Steps

I remember making the beat for this song right after I had finished NYSC, which is a program designed to integrate Nigerian students from different ethnic backgrounds. At the time I “served” in the northern part of Nigeria, which was quite peaceful those days.

The sample here was from a Billy Ocean song I found from a CD store around my way. I was an avid collector back then, since vinyl was a little bit out of my league, I settled for CDs. I usually tend to make a bucket list of artists I want to sample and spend considerable amount of time trying to locate their material and trust me, back then that ain’t no easy feat.

At the time the beat was made, I was working on a collaborative album (Illastr8) with fellow Str8Buttah producer XYZ and my initial plan was submitting this beat for a song towards that end but all that changed with one phone call. I was still in Zaria for the time being and was heading to Kano (my place of primary assignment) to pick up a recommendation letter when Mister Rae called to inform me of Fleet Militant’s unfortunate demise. It came as a rude shock and really hit me hard from the blind side. Fleet was also supposed to perform on Illastr8 and then some. Fleet’s work as the director of G.A.M.E (Nigerian Chapter) was instrumental for introducing me musically to XYZ. As a matter of fact, XYZ was passing out flyers for the event when we first met in University of Lagos.

The song “Steps” was what that beat ended up to be. It’s taken from a dedication album to Fleet Militant (Rest In Power kid) and the video was shot by some peeps (I honestly don’t know them). The location of the shoot is close to the former studio of Micworx (A super duper Production crew which Venomous is part of). I remember tensions running high on set, technical issues, tantrums getting thrown with reckless abandon but everyone manned up to get the job done out of respect for the dead.

Cameos include GQ, Deckzavier, Big Foot and Mister Rae, oh I did appear at the tail end for a few seconds.

Enter The FEZ

n FEZ, you play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world, until a strange and powerful sentient artifact reveals to him the existence of a mysterious third dimension!

FEZ is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world. The world is 3D, but you always play from 2D perspectives. Each 3D world has 4 Sides. You can freely “rotate” your point of view in 90° increments between these 2D perspectives. This way, you will be able to navigate complex 3D environments, solve puzzles and find secrets!

What makes this game utterly compelling is its simplicity. No bosses, no conflicts and no penalties for dying. All you do is explore the vast universe Gomez is placed in. The controls are pretty basic; run, jump, lift, climb and the usual interactive controls for reading signs, talking to people et al.

Another feature is the auto save directive. Instead of you always having to hit a save button or some other long winded process, the game does that for you so don’t worry if you have to take a breather or live your life, you can always come back to the exact same spot you left it.

This is currently what I’m playing on the Xbox 360 and it is utterly brilliant by all standards. I suggest you get yourself a copy and join in on the fun. You can also check out the review below.

Hello world!

Hello world,

For a lack of a better way of starting this post. I’m not so new to blogging but I’m clearly new to wordpress. After a short stint at “blogger” to becoming a rabid “tumblr” fan, I must admit the last thing on my mind is opening up shop on word press. Anyway, this here blog will be sort of a potpourri of my various endeavours, things I hold dear to me and pretty much anything that pops up in this little head of mine, so stay tuned in and feel free to drop me a line or two.

Yours Truly.

“First Class” by Flowsmith (Produced by Teck-Zilla)

Flowsmith is a Birmingham based  Nigerian MC/Producer. I stumbled upon his first mixtape and it sounded like nothing I have heard at the time. I didn’t waste time in getting in touch with the kid and our first collabo was on the remix of Mister Rae‘s “Here Now“.

The beat for “First Class” was actually made when I was living in London but it went unnoticed( or better yet forgotten by me) for a year or two, until Flowsmith hit me up regarding me contributing to the sequel of his mixtape(Life Vol II).

The final version I submitted is considerable different from the original, better drum patterns/instruments and arrangement. This is a sample I really like as well, plays out like a tragic scene in a movie.

The man behind the lens is Paul Usoro, who works closely with Flowsmith (He shot a mini documentary on Flowsmith‘s life plus other short films).

You can watch a video promo for his yet to be released mixtape HERE