Who Is The Deadliest Warrior?

Deadliest Warrior is a television program in which information on historical or modern warriors and their weapons are used to determine which of them is the “deadliest” based upon tests performed during each episode. The show is characterized by its use of data compiled in creating a dramatization of the warriors battle to the death.

This show has been around since 2009 and for some unknown reason,it kind of slipped under my radar until recently. Well, better late than never.

This show is basically a 44 minute testosterone  fuelled exhibition. It starts off with the introduction of 2 opposing teams representing different warriors of the day(eg Ninja Vs Spartan etc). After which each team presents their death dealing weapon of choice (one after the other), which is tested on a ballistic gel torso (sounding like a true fanboy here) or any other non living representation of the human body (Cow torso, whole pig) and as you may have guessed, the more fatal blow a weapon can deliver, the more deadly it is.

For the 1st 2 seasons, X-Factors (Psychology, Environment etc) weren’t really considered and I reckon they weren’t factored into the Slytherin Sim program used to decide the final battle. Well this changed on the 3rd and final season where a whole new program was used and personal history and battle strategies of the respective warriors were factored into the program.

My favorite match ups in no particular order:

Ninja Vs Spartan

Saddam Hussein Vs Pol Pot

French Foreign Legion vs. Gurkhas

Green Berets vs. Spetsnaz

Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior

Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior

I wasn’t so amped up about the Zombies Vs Vampires, I know I should be(being a Zombie fan) but for some reason, it was just meh to me.

Anyway, I included a video by infomania making fun of the hit series. Enjoy

Watch out for the Scottish Claymore at 2:43 (classic scene IMO)


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