RiS feat Shikara- Bint Helwa

RiS, an Ottawa based Nigerian MC, recently dropped a mixtape called Vol 1: Road To Northbay and yours truly was part of the production team. RiS is a budding lyricist with a distinct flow.

The video we have here is for “Bint Helwa” and features a female emcee, Shikara on the second verse. The title of the song is arabic for “beautiful“, which you can clearly hear in the chorus.

The beat was one of the first few I made when I moved to Canada, shortly before I had a long conversation with Mister Rae about making an ep with only Asa samples and beautiful was one of the beats made for that purpose.

I had been making other beats for RiS and I felt this will fit the project he was working on so yeah, that’s how the story goes.

The video is pretty basic and features Shikara and other beautiful ladies. What can I say…beautiful. (pun intended). It was shot on location in Malaysia

Ris-Bint Helwa (ft. Shikara) from Sharina Shahrin on Vimeo.


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