“First Class” by Flowsmith (Produced by Teck-Zilla)

Flowsmith is a Birmingham based  Nigerian MC/Producer. I stumbled upon his first mixtape and it sounded like nothing I have heard at the time. I didn’t waste time in getting in touch with the kid and our first collabo was on the remix of Mister Rae‘s “Here Now“.

The beat for “First Class” was actually made when I was living in London but it went unnoticed( or better yet forgotten by me) for a year or two, until Flowsmith hit me up regarding me contributing to the sequel of his mixtape(Life Vol II).

The final version I submitted is considerable different from the original, better drum patterns/instruments and arrangement. This is a sample I really like as well, plays out like a tragic scene in a movie.

The man behind the lens is Paul Usoro, who works closely with Flowsmith (He shot a mini documentary on Flowsmith‘s life plus other short films).

You can watch a video promo for his yet to be released mixtape HERE


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